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Every now and then, we learn about some young child who, not unlike Mowgli having been abandoned by humans after birth, grows up unaware of the expected human behaviour imitating instead the creatures that it has lived with, be it dogs, monkeys or whatever else. Constant social interaction is not just an unavoidable subproduct of the ever-increasing urban co-habitation, it is also very much a prerequisite for our humanity in general and our own place in the surrounding society in particular.

The Counts at Castle Tyrol elevated Meran to the status of a city during the 13th century and made it the capital of their County of Tyrol.

In 1981, the World Chess Championship match between Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi was held in Meran.

The first act of the musical Chess also has a world chess championship match set in Meran, and features a song entitled "Merano", which includes the line, "rosy-cheeked Merano, flourishing to a fault".

Each September, the Gran Premio Merano takes place in the Maia Racecourse; this is the most famous Italian Steeplechase.

Merano hosted the 1953, 19 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships.

) is a town and comune in South Tyrol, northern Italy.

Generally best known for its spa resorts, it is located within a basin, surrounded by mountains standing up to 3,335 metres (10,942 feet) above sea level, at the entrance to the Passeier Valley and the Vinschgau.Also belonging to the fortifications is the medieval Ortenstein tower, popularly called Pulverturm (lit. Dating from the 19th century are civic theatre, the Kurhaus and the Empress Elisabeth Park.Also famous are the arched Wandelhalle promenades along the river.After the annexation of the town to Italy in 1919, the Fascist authorities constructed the new town hall in the 1920s.Outside the town is Trauttmansdorff Castle and its gardens.In a 1759 image, the eagle is represented with a crown and a green wreath of honour. The Steinerner Steg stone bridge crosses the Passer river and dates to the 17th century.