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Problems The potential problems for new Internet use are significant and may be growing.Nearly 20% of the people going on-line will encounter one or more of the following problems. Using the Net is not a problem for Internet users who are on-line less than two hours a week.

There is rather exact criteria proposed but it essentially easy to spot a problem. You probably have a compulsion if you feel a strong need to get on-line when you should be doing other things in your life. " Checking e-mail at night when no one else is up and for no reason is a compulsion.Heavy users are at risk when they are plugged more than 18 hours a week.There is no official diagnosis for an addiction to the Internet.At least 6% of people at work use the Internet more than 6 hours per week for non-work related activities.Cyber Brain Washing Knowing what can happen to you, your friends or even your children wont necessarily help.For many people the Internet is like a private night club or the place where you can find the friends youve always wanted.

You dont have to go out and find real people and have an honest relationship. People will even miss you and ask you to come back.Heavy users will tell you that the Net will change you.If you spend enough time on-line, the rest of the world starts to look unreal or strange. There is no sure way to know if you will get hooked or how long it can take. Prolonged chats on-line and mouse clicking on the Internet will produce what psychologist call a dissociative state.Women are filling for divorce claiming that their husbands are having sex on-line or looking at "pornography" for hours every day. Parents stop relating and spend less time raising their children.The Internet is not only cutting into social and family time but it is also cutting into work.The Net provides everyday users with primarily the Web, e-mail, instant messaging, live chat and the ability to purchase goods and services on-line. They act out in ways that are exciting and they can do without leaving their chair or being with a real person.