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land/houses) and payment is to be enforced by distress (taking goods if people have no money). The Cromwell family move to Ely when Oliver inherits property there from his uncle, as well as his uncle's job as tithe collector for Ely Cathedral.This provides him with modest prosperity and a substantial house near the Cathedral.

He is held as a prisoner at Holmby House in Northamptonshire, where he continues to plot for the restoration of his power.

August 22nd - Oliver Cromwell marries Elizabeth Bourchier at St. Her father is a wealthy leather merchant and landowner from Essex.

The marriage brings Cromwell into contact with wealthy London merchants and great Puritan peers.

Oliver Cromwell, as Lieutenant-General, is put in charge of the cavalry, under a temporary contract.

June 15th - Bridget Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell's daughter, marries Henry Ireton, senior Parliamentarian officer and close confidant of Oliver, at Cromwell's headquarters at Holton, a few days before the surrender of Oxford.

May 26th - Parliament adopts a Petition of Right, calling upon the king to acknowledge that he cannot levy taxes without parliament's consent, impose martial law on civilians or imprison them without due process.

January - Members of the House of Commons begin to voice their opposition when an MP has his goods confiscated for failing to pay tonnage and poundage.The king and parliament agree that an army is needed to suppress the rebellion, but neither side trust the other with control of the armed forces.November 22nd - The Grand Remonstrance, listing all the grievances about acts carried out by the king's government, in Church and State, since the beginning of Charles' reign, and parliament's measures to counter these, is passed by parliament after a stormy debate.He has made a secret treaty with Philip IV of Spain to help against the Dutch, a policy he knows will be detested by the country and, because of this, needs money.Ship-money is enforced inland as well as in maritime counties/towns and is obtained by assessment of personal as well as real property (e.g.The House of Commons draws up the Protestation Oath against popery.

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