Validating windows forms

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If the default of False (valid field), the Validated event is fired and focus shifts to the new control. Visually speaking, this technique has two problems: The Error Provider component turns out to be a better option as a mechanism for error notification for one or more controls, using a combination of icon and tool tip to notify the user of an error and display an appropriate message in close proximity to the related control, as shown in Figure 3. Error Provider in action Enabling this component is as simple as dragging an Error Provider component onto a form and configuring its icon, blink rate, and blink style, after which the Error Provider can be incorporated into validation code: Causes Validation, Validating, and the Error Provider provide the basic infrastructure for implementing per-control validation in a pattern that we can reuse for other controls, such as txt Date Of Birth and txt Phone Number: The combination of Validating event and Error Provider component provides a great solution that dynamically validates each control at the point of impact, that is, as users enter data.

In some cases, a default control value might be used as a prompt eg using "[Choose a value]" in a List Box control. Reports whether Control To Validate's data is valid or not after Validate is called. This indirection is needed to handle the request-based connectionless nature of a Web application.

The story begins with Jerry arriving at Karen's apartment.

After a few moments of friendly banter, Karen rather unusually asks Jerry for two forms of identification—a major credit card and valid driver's license.

This turns out to be an ideal situation for Windows Forms validation. A good place to start is to see what validators ASP. As such, I think the main goal should be to create Windows Forms validators that are consistent with their ASP.

The first step is to establish design-time support, which requires that your implementation derives from one of three types of design-time component: System. NET counterparts in terms of exposed types and members (where the solution makes sense in Windows Forms). NET team, this choice creates familiarity for developers across development paradigms. NET currently offers the validators shown in the table below.

Packaged this way, developer effort is converted to dragging a component or control from the Toolbox onto a form, configuring it from design-time features like the Property Browser, and letting the Windows Forms designer do the hard work of translating our design-time intentions into code that is persisted in Initialize Component. Consequently, Component turns out to be the most suitable choice for packaging our validation classes.

Thus, a programmatic experience is transformed into a declarative experience where declarative is synonymous with productive. The next step is to work out what sort of validators we'll need. I'm a big consistency fan and also have "don't reinvent the wheel" tattooed across my forehead (backwards, of course, so I can see it in the mirror when I brush my teeth).With these goals in mind, it's time to get into the nuts and bolts.Let's start off by building the simplest possible validator we can, the Required Field Validator. NET solution in which to implement the Required Field Validator.Simply stated, validation is the process of ensuring that data is complete and accurate before subsequent processing or storage.While validation can be implemented in both data and business-rule application tiers, it should be included in the presentation tier that forms the front-line validation defense.UIs typically provide the scope for developers to construct more human, responsive and informative validation experiences for end users, while avoiding issues like unnecessary network round-trips across n-tier applications.

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